MJF Says AEW Puts On “The Best Wrestling Shows The World Has Ever Seen”

MJF Adam Cole double clothelline AEW All In

MJF is proud to be the face of a company full of “misfits.”

At AEW All In, MJF not only won the ROH World Tag Team Championship alongside Adam Cole during the pre-show, but also defeated his tag team partner in the main event to retain his own AEW World Championship.

Speaking about his experience in a media scrum after the show, MJF pointed out that it’s not hyperbole to say that he main-evented the biggest wrestling event in history.

“I was just in the biggest main event in the history of wrestling. This is a very hyperbolic sport filled with hyperbolic bullsh*t people that will make claims like that. For crying out loud, I think Hulk Hogan recently said he was in Japan and America on the same day, somehow. Great guy.

“I can say that, earnestly and honestly to you guys, and it’s not hyperbole. The fact that I can say that feels right. We’re not just an alternative. We are a gang of misfit toys of guys that should have been ‘never was,’ guys that never should be in the position that we’re in today.”

“I’m Ready To Be The Face Of This Company” – MJF

Alluding to ongoing behind-the-scenes drama, MJF admitted that not everyone in AEW gets along, they put on the best shows the world of wrestling has ever seen. MJF says he’s proud of not only himself, but every member of the locker room who helps put on such impressive events.

“Yeah, sometimes we don’t get along. Newsflash, I’m sure you motherf*ckers got people at work you want to headbutt in the mouth. The fact of the matter is, we are misfits, but guess what, we come together and put on the best f*cking professional wrestling shows this world has ever f*cking seen. I put my name on that.

“You want to know why I put my name on that? Because I’m ready to step the f*ck up. I’m ready to be the face of this company. I’m ready to be the face of the mayhem of the misfits as long as this motherf*cker [Tony Khan] ponies up the money. That is neither here nor there.

“I am so proud of not only me, because duh, that was a sick main event, and I’m awesome and I won, but I am proud of every single ditzy weirdo f*cking nutjob motherf*cker in that locker room because, like I said, we might not get along, we might not be picture perfect and squeaky clean, but we put on f*cking shows of a lifetime, and I couldn’t be proud to be a leader of that.”

h/t Fightful