MJF Reacts To Praise From The Undertaker

MJF wearing shades

Despite being in a competing company, MJF was humble enough to accept the praise that came from The Undertaker.

MJF is known for having an extremely high opinion of himself and not being one to genuinely speak highly of anyone else or show real appreciation for anyone.

However, he made an exception and showed an uncharacteristic humility when he expressed thanks in response to comments The Undertaker made about him.

During his 1deadMAN tour, Undertaker praised MJF for being both “solid in the ring” and for living his gimmick inside the ring and out.

MJF could’ve ignored these comments or found a way to respond in character. Instead, he went out of his way to show how much those words meant to him when he posted a reply on Twitter/X.

“Not many higher honors than being praised by The Undertaker. Thanks, Deadman”.

What has MJF done to earn praise from The Undertaker?

MJF has been with AEW since its inception and is the current AEW World Champion. He first won that title at Full Gear 2022 last November and, as of this writing, is the third-longest-reigning world champion in AEW history, having held the belt for 310 days.

He has also earned praise for cutting some of the best promos and holding his own against anyone on the microphone, including the likes of CM Punk, whom many people considered the best talker in wrestling for many years.

As an in-ring competitor, Maxwell Jacob Friedman has earned plenty of praise for his matches, including his singles matches against Punk, Bryan Danielson, and Adam Cole.