MJF Names Match That Solidified Him As A “Top Guy” In AEW

mjf aew world title smile

MJF has named the match that has put him on the map.

The AEW World Champion gained notoriety for only wanting to wrestle sporadically for big paydays against opponents who had already been beaten down previously. The Devil did not want to lowe himself to wrestle at the Forbidden Door pay-per-view, viewing New Japan as nothing more than “a f*cking indie fed.”

However, when MJF does wrestle, he makes it count. Whether it is having a 5.75-star Ironman match, beating Darby Allin with a headlock takeover or getting the crowd excited about a double clothesline, more often than not the World Champion is in conversation for match of the night when a big show is all dais and done.

The man set to defend The Triple B at All In was asked by The Ringer which match he felt made the powers that be think that he was the guy. The World Champion stated that it with the final match in his rivalry with CM Punk at Revolution 2022:

“I think that dog collar match solidified me not only as just a top guy I feel I already was, but it solidified me [as] a top guy with staying power that could be a world champion.”

MJF Acknowledges His Own Greatness

The Devil does need compliments from fans or star ratings to justify his greatness, as he already knows that he has his place in the history of wrestling while only being in his 20s. In the same interview, MJF recognised his own success by stating that no one has risen to the top this quickly at such a young age, and those who have required work as they were not perfect. Describing his career as modestly as he can, The World Champion views himself as perfect.