MJF & Kenny Omega React After Incredible AEW Collision Match (VIDEO)

mjf kenny omega aew collision

Kenny Omega and MJF stood in the ring together after their World Title match on AEW Collision to talk about eachother and where the company stands right now.

In the main event of the October 28th edition of AEW Collision in Uncasville, Connecticut, Maxwell Jacob Friedman defended the AEW World Title against Kenny Omega. They would go on to have an epic, outstanding match where it looked like either man could win.

The finish saw MJF hit a superkick while Omega’s head was against the turnbuckle. Moments later, Friedman hit Adam Cole’s Panama Sunrise followed by a Heatseeker (like a piledriver) for the pinfall win to retain his title.

When Kenny Omega was AEW World Champion, he held it for a record 346 days. As of their match on Saturday, MJF was at 344 days, so as of this moment it’s at 345 days. By the time we get to AEW Dynamite on Wednesday, MJF will pass Omega for the longest AEW World Title reign in the nearly five years of AEW.

After the show, MJF spoke first followed by Kenny Omega. They talked about a number of different things. Thankfully, AEW uploaded the video to YouTube for all the fans to see. The World Champion MJF spoke first.

“I am wrestling way more than I ever thought I f**king would. Let me tell you something. This s**t is exhausting. I want to tell a very quick story and it’s about the man across the ring. For me, I was 19 years old at an independent wrestling promotion. It was literally the first wrestling promotion that I went to outside of my training school, Create-A-Pro Wrestling Academy.”

“It was called Five Borough Wrestling. I had a match on the opening of the show and guys that I aspired to reach the heights of in this sport were guys like Bryan Danielson, guys like Samoa Joe, who’s kind of an a**hole, and most certainly guys like Kenny f**king Omega.”

“Now that night that night you had no reason to stop and watch my match. I was a pisspot, but you watched my match. You pulled me to the side and you let me pick your brain that night and you might not remember that, but I sure as hell do.”

“Without Kenny Omega, without The Bucks, without Cody Rhodes, and without Tony Khan, who might be a f**king mark, but he’s a visionary, All Elite Wrestling does not exist. Therefore, your World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman does not exist now.”

“I’ll be honest. I still don’t know what I’m gonna do for the bidding war of 2024, but what I do know is that when I get the opportunity to wrestle ‘The Best Bout Machine’ Kenny Omega, it tends to sway my opinions a little bit. So now I am going to let Kenny Omega do what he does best. I am going to let him do a goodbye the only way he knows how.” (H/T Fightful)

When MJF speaks about the “bidding war of 2024” it is in reference to his free agent status. MJF has teased possibly signing with WWE if they offer him a better deal than AEW, but there are also people who believe MJF has signed a long-term deal with AEW already.

Kenny Omega believes the AEW World Title is in the “right hands” with MJF

At that point, MJF passed the microphone over to Omega, who had some kind things to say about MJF.

“I’ve got to be honest, and this may be partly a sad story, but trust me it has a happy ending.

“For a lot of us time is not our friend the more time that goes by the more we have to say goodbye to things my condition isn’t what it used to be I’m not even sure if I could call myself the best belt machine anymore.

“For a pocket in time that was a very sad reality because there was no one left to take my place but now I can say goodbye to these things with a smile because we do have people like MJF that are willing to not only take the ball but run with it and run with it further than I ever could.

“So, though I thought I’d be a little salty with you breaking my record, now I can be proud that the championship belt is in the right hands”

As Kenny Omega continued, he made it clear that he was supporting MJF in his AEW World Title defense against Jay White at AEW Full Gear on November 18th.

“MJF, yes Jay White and I go a long way back. Jay White may not be willing to tell you but there was, once upon a time, when he used to wash my dirty laundry.”

“So, you’d think I’d be able to look upon him with some kind of fondness, but rest assured I am cheering for you to get your belt back, I am cheering for you to lead this company into the promised land, and I’m cheering for you to represent AEW and all these wonderful people for years and years and years to come.” (H/T Inside The Ropes)

You can check out the full video below.