MJF To Eddie Kingston: “Good Luck Catching Up To Me”

mjf promo hand dynamite

MJF and Eddie Kingston recently got into a social media spat where they took some shots at eachother.

All Elite Wrestling has a lot of great talkers who aren’t afraid to say what’s on their minds. Whether it’s Chris Jericho spouting off one of his many nicknames, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley getting fired up while talking about his pride or Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. showing that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind at any time, AEW has some gifted talkers for sure.

Two more AEW wrestlers known for delivering promos are Maxwell Jacob Friedman (aka MJF) and Eddie Kingston. The two men who aren’t shy about speaking their mind got into an interesting Twitter exchange on November 12th.

It all started with Kingston quote tweeting a fan writing “Facts” because it was sharing an image of Kingston getting to face wrestling legend Jun Akiyama next week on AEW Rampage.

MJF responded with a tweet where he used a GIF of Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry saying: “Nobody gives a f**k.”

Kingston fired back with this tweet:

“Don’t you have another Long winded promo about the same s**t you say every week? Or is Tony finally over that? You are full of s**t and you may fool the people but not me. Worry about Mox because I ain’t worried about you. YET.”

That led to MJF bragging in a tweet about drawing television ratings while wishing Kingston good luck in catching up to him.

There was yet another tweet reply from Kingston, who didn’t seem interested in the ratings talk.

Again with the attitude era bulls**t talk. Ratings , drawing sound like the men that killed so many places. At least they didn’t expose the sport by talking about drawing money and ratings. Your whole life is a “Work” .

While MJF likely had fun doing his Twitter exchange with Kingston, in one week’s time he’ll need to focus on wrestling because MJF challenges Moxley for the AEW World Title at Full Gear on November 19th.