“It Was A Great Move” – Booker T Comments On MJF Appearing At UFC 282

mjf aew dynamite ring

Booker T has given his opinion on MJF recently appearing at a UFC event.

It has been a big 2022 for Maxwell Jacob Friedman (aka MJF) after winning the AEW World Title for the first time at Full Gear last month.

Over the past month, the AEW World Champion has also been interacting with UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett. This led to former UFC Champion Conor McGregor jumping into the mix saying he didn’t know who Maxwell was and that was followed up by MJF calling Conor a “roided up leprechaun” among other things.

All of this led to Friedman appearing at UFC 282 with the AEW World Championship on his shoulder. When MJF appeared on camera, he did a middle finger salute to the camera.

On his Hall of Fame podcast, two-time WWE Hall of Famer and a former six-time World Champion himself, Booker T praised the scarf-wearing AEW World Champion for it.

“People are talking about it, he’s in the news. That’s something that a lot of these young guys wish that could be happening right now [for them], is people talking about them. It was a great move. I don’t know if he knows Paddy, but to be walking in those circles, being at the UFC, and making the headlines, trending? The kid’s on the right path.”

Booker T also praised MJF for the way he uses social media even though Booker T admits being from a different era and doesn’t know how he would react to some of it.

“Being able to use social media that way, I can’t hate on it, because I’m not from this era. I don’t know how I would take it. But MJF definitely put everybody on notice. Everybody is on his radar, as far as being the second best to him. So I get it.”

Last Wednesday on the December 14th edition of Dynamite, MJF beat Ricky Starks to retain the AEW World Title thanks to an unseen low blow. After the match, Bryan Danielson chased after MJF, who ran away from it.

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