WWE Hall Of Famer Says MJF-Adam Cole On All In Pre-Show Is “Silly”

aew mjf adam cole double clothesline

Putting MJF and Adam Cole on the All In Pre-Show has been called the “silliest d*mn thing”.

AEW All In takes place in two weeks’ time and will see MJF and Adam Cole take on Aussie Open for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships.

The plan would allow Adam Cole to challenge MJF for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of All In later that same night.

But according to a WWE Hall of Famer, the idea of putting the company’s main Champion and number one contender is the “silliest d*mn thing” and that Tony Khan is too focused on the “fanboy”

On the latest episode of Strictly Business, former WCW Boss Eric Bischoff did not hold back on his dislike on booking “the most entertaining charcter” MJF on the pre-show.

“I saw the clip of MJF’s promo and I think the world of MJF. I think he’s the most important talent on that show and I think he’s the most important part of the future of AEW. He is without question, the most entertaining character on that show.

I don’t care about anybody else’s opinion. If you think differently than me, you’re not thinking at all. You’re reacting emotionally because you are a fanboy. Listen, MJF is the most valuable man on that roster and to put him on the pre-game show?! That’s the silliest d*mn thing I’ve ever heard. Whoever came up with that idea should be beaten.”

All In sees AEW head to the UK for the first time as the company look to make a worldwide splash by selling out Wembley Stadium.

With the full card yet to be confirmed, it appears the aim is to use the popularity of the odd couple tag team that is Adam Cole and MJF as the best way to draw in additional PPV buys on the night itself.

ESPN’s Number One MJF Set To Headline Wembley Stadium

Despite Eric Bischoff criticizing AEW booking, he will be happy to hear that MJF is set to Main Event Wembley Stadium and defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Tag Team partner Adam Cole.

The companies top Star has been named by ESPN as the number one performer in a list of 30 wrestlers under 30, with Rhea Ripley coming in second place.

With nearly 80,000 tickets already sold, AEW will be aiming to follow on the recent success WWE have had in running two of the companies most profitable nights in London last month as The 02 played host to Smackdown and Money In The Bank.

MJF v Adam Cole will close All In, but earlier in the night Sting will once again team with Darby Allin in a Coffin Match against Mogul Embassy, whilst England’s own Saraya will be hoping to lift the AEW Women’s Championship in front of what will be wild crowd.

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