Miro Offers Hilarious Response Over Marriage Separation Rumors

miro aew beard

AEW star Miro had a hilarious response to someone online who questioned if he was still happily married to ex-WWE star, Lana.

Lana – now better known as CJ Perry – and Miro have been married since 2016 with their engagement coming during a hastily abandoned storyline in WWE which had the couple separated.

The ex-US Champion left WWE in the spring of 2020 with Lana following one year later as the company continued drastic cost-cutting measures. The Bulgarian Brute resurfaced in AEW where he remains but his appearances in the company have shuddered to a halt with the former TNT Champion only competing in four matches in 2022 and none to date in 2023.

Taking to social media, Miro responded to someone who questioned whether he and his wife were separated, harkening back to an infamous WWE storyline:

“Didn’t you know she is with Bobby Lashley still”

In the second half of 2019, the star – then known as Rusev in WWE – and Lana were thrust into a storyline where she left her husband to be with Bobby Lashley. Despite being humiliated by his wife and in storyline divorced with her flaunting her new love in his face, Miro lost a succession of matches to Lashley before his WWE departure further cementing his embarrassment.