Eric Bischoff Recalls Why TNA Fired Bobby Lashley in 2010

bobby lashley wwe champion suit

According to Eric Bischoff, Bobby Lashley’s family got in the way of his wrestling career.

Bobby Lashley’s first run with WWE lasted from 2005 to 2008. Then in 2009, he signed with TNA. But that run lasted less than a year as he debuted in April 2009 and left the company in February 2010.

And according to Eric Bischoff, who was an important backstage figure in TNA at the time, the reason for Bobby Lashley’s TNA run being so short was his girlfriend.

On a recent episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff explained that while Bobby Lashley was so incredibly easy to work with backstage – he went so far as to say that working with Lashley was like “working with butter.” Kristal Marshall, Lashley’s girlfriend, was the polar opposite.

“Kristal (Marshall) was not (so easy to work with). She was a little hard to deal with and she kind of ran that show, so that created a little bit of tension. As time went on, you know, she got in the way of Bobby’s career, not that it hurt Bobby at all.

I actually fired Bobby Lashley in TNA. It wasn’t my decision to fire him. I was just voted the guy to go tell him and it was really because of her, not because of Bobby. I don’t know if it was Dixie. It had to be Dixie.

Somebody made the decision that it was time for Bobby to go and nobody wanted to go tell him, so I got nominated. It was not my decision to fire him. I’m just giving him the bad news.”

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