Minoru Suzuki Set For Bizarre First Time Match

aew rampage Bryan-Danielson-Minoru-Suzuki

Minoru Suzuki is set for a very unusual matchup.

It’s been announced that the legendary Minoru Suzuki will take on Maki Itoh at TJPW Grand Princess ’24 on March 31st.

The match was put together after Itoh visited Suzuki’s store “PILEDRIVER,” although she initially wanted to team with the veteran. However, Suzuki thought that a singles match would get more publicity so the pair are now unlikely rivals.

After some goading in which Suzuki said Itoh was too much of a chicken to take on the challenge, Itoh said she’d end his career.

In a post on social media, Itoh later warned “Don’t f*ck with me, old man.”

Adam Copeland Asked For Match With Minoru Suzuki

In recent years Suzuki has seen his legend grow in the United States with short spells in both TNA Wrestling and AEW.

The veteran made his most recent AEW appearance on the January 24th episode of Dynamite when he lost to Adam Copeland as the pair met for the first time ever.

In the lead-up to the match, Adam Copeland revealed that he personally pitched to face Suzuki as part of his open challenge. Copeland explained that the challenge was initially a way to try and elevate younger talent, but once he realised it meant he could face anyone, he urged Tony Khan to reach out to Suzuki.