Adam Copeland Personally Requested Upcoming AEW Match

adam copeland with sting

Adam Copeland asked Tony Khan to secure his next opponent.

After losing out to Christian Cage at Worlds End, Copeland decided to keep himself busy while he plots his revenge. This has seen the launch of the Cope Open — an open challenge held weekly on AEW TV.

To date, the challenge has been used to highlight younger stars such as Lee Moriarty and Griff Garrison, but that will all change on the January 24th edition of Dynamite. On the show, Copeland will meet Japanese legend Minoru Suzuki.

Speaking to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, the star confirmed that the initial idea of the challenge was to give younger wrestlers some experience.

“While the story with Christian plays out, I thought, let’s do this fascinating side story where no one knows what comes next. The more I thought about it, we can use it as a vehicle for some young guys to get some different experience.

Then I kept thinking about it, and it hit me: ‘This means it could be anyone.’ I’ve been tossing out all kinds of names and seeing who bites,”

Adam Copeland Asked Tony Khan If He Could “Get Suzuki”

Looking ahead to his match with Suzuki, Copeland said it was he who requested the clash, leading Tony Khan to reach out.

“I thought Suzuki and I would be really cool. It’s something you wouldn’t even think of until you think of it, right? It’s going to be hard-hitting. The word that keeps coming to mind is grizzled. But I never thought this match would ever happen.

So I asked Tony, ‘Can we get Suzuki?’ He said he’d find out. As soon as he found out, literally as soon as he got off the phone, he advertised it on air,”

Adam Copeland recently defended the open challenge after some fans claimed he should be wrestling bigger names.