Mick Foley Thinks WWE Ruined Former Talent – “They Messed With His Head”

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Mick Foley has experience of doing the difficult job of commentary in WWE and now the wrestling icon has explained why he thinks the company failed to get the best out of ex-ECW announcer Joey Styles.

Styles had been the voice of ECW for all of its run and he came to WWE as part of the first One Night Stand show in 2005. Later that year he joined Monday Night Raw as its play-by-play announcer but by WrestleMania 22 in the spring of 2006, problems came to the surface when it was decided that Styles wouldn’t be on the call on the grandest stage of them all.

In May of that year, Styles delivered his famous work/shoot promo where he quit his role live on Raw before moving to the revived ECW brand. He was replaced by Mike Adamle in that role in 2008 but he continued working behind the scenes until 2016.

Speaking on his Foley Is Pod show, Mick Foley discussed Joey Styles time at the WWE announce table and explained why he doesn’t think Styles was able to hit the same heights he had in ECW:

“I thought Joey was better before they messed with his head, honestly. I thought they were trying to take away the things that make Joey, Joey.

“You always play better when you’re playing to win instead of playing not to lose and when they get in your head, make it clear that ‘Yeah, we brought you in, but we want to change the things about you that you were most certain of’ and now you have Mr. McMahon in your head. It can really be a difficult existence on an announcer.”

Mick Foley also recently gave his thoughts on a major WWE star that he believes the company has taken for granted.

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h/t Wrestling Inc.