Mick Foley Says Major WWE Star Has Been Taken For Granted

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Mick Foley believes fans began to take Seth Rollins for granted prior to his World Heavyweight Championship win.

There’s little Seth Rollins hasn’t accomplished in the world of sports entertainment. The two-time Grand Slam Champion has been a mainstay on WWE’s main roster for over a decade, and in 2021, he began to undergo a character reinvention when he branded himself The Visionary.

The next two years saw Rollins don outlandish clothing while audiences slowly began to embrace his bombastic nature, singing his theme song to him and beginning to cheer him despite his presentation as a cocky heel.

Ahead of Night of Champions, Triple H unveiled a new World Heavyweight Championship and declared that there would be a tournament to crown the top champion on the brand that Roman Reigns was not on following the WWE Draft. Reigns was drafted to SmackDown, so the new championship was assigned to Raw.

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Seth Rollins and AJ Styles met in the final round of the tournament at Night of Champions, and in the end, Rollins was victorious, adding another title belt to his long list of WWE accolades.

Speaking on a recent episode of Foley is Pod, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley spoke about Rollins’ evolution over the past two years and expressed his belief that fans had begun to take the immensely talented star for granted. In Foley’s mind, Rollins’ continued commitment to his new gimmick worked in his favor and once again made him into one of the most popular stars on the roster.

“I think we had really come to take him for granted. A phenomenal worker. I think last year — I don’t even know if Seth was in my top five. But this attention to character has been a slow build,” Foley said. “I remember there were people thinking it was the most embarrassing thing in wrestling and I was like, ‘He’s on to something, and he’s trying. He’s sinking his teeth into it.’ It was just so much fun to see him evolve and just take to it.”

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