Mick Foley Supports Britt Baker’s Familiar Merch Choice

mick foley wwe cactus jack

Mick Foley would support AEW’s Britt Baker by wearing a shirt that was similar to one that he made famous in pro wrestling many years ago.

During his WWE Hall of Fame career, Mick Foley portrayed different characters like Cactus Jack, Mankind and Dude Love while also wrestling as himself many times.

The Cactus Jack persona is something that Mick Foley used in WCW and ECW before he landed in WWE in 1996 as Mankind. Eventually, he would become Cactus Jack in WWE as well. While dressed as Cactus Jack, Foley would wrestle in a black and yellow t-shirt that said “Wanted” and sometimes “Wanted Dead” on it.

On a recent episode of the Foley is Pod podcast, Mick Foley talked about his friendship with AEW’s Britt Baker. Foley talked about going to Comic Con events and hanging out with other wrestlers like Baker.

“It’s always fun. I think the fans like to know that, behind the scenes, almost all of us get along, and that there’s a nice little friendship there with me and Doctor Britt] Baker. So whatever you see on social media is just teasing a little bit.”

As he continued, Mick Foley talked about his famous Cactus Jack “Wanted” shirt and how Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. in AEW is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan, so Mick suggested a shirt idea that Britt could use in the future in AEW.

“I even gave [Baker], I said, you know, Britt, you ought to see if they could do a…,’ somebody was wearing a Cactus Jack ‘Wanted’ shirt, I said those are Pittsburgh Steeler colors. I said, ‘You ought to see if they could modify that and make it a shirt for you.’ She goes, ‘Would you mind?’ I said, ‘No, I’ve been making money off that and been happy to see people wearing it for literally 28 years now.’ So when The Briscoes had their ‘Wanted’ shirt, that’s cool by me, I’m doing fine.”

“I’d much rather The Briscoes have their own ‘Wanted’ shirt than to have a bootleg ‘Wanted’ shirt out there. But I see it as a tribute, I see it as a good thing. Nobody copies or borrows from something that’s not good. So I’m all for Doctor Baker rocking a Cactus-esque t-shirt. Make it happen, TK. You know you can make it happen.”

Whether Britt Baker goes with Mick Foley’s shirt idea or not is something we will have to see in the future on AEW television.

H/T Fightful