Mick Foley Explains Not Getting Involved In Creative Part Of Pro Wrestling

Mick Foley

Mick Foley did not want to be involved with the development of other people’s storylines on a weekly basis.

Frequently praised for his brilliant mind in the business, Foley became a household name as a result of his promos, gimmicks and general ideas for his own creative direction. Naturally, higher-ups in whichever company The Hardcore Legend worked for would want to have his input on making their product better. However, Foley has since revealed that he had no interest in that while in WWE.

Speaking on Foley is Pod, the Hall of Famer revealed that he would be unable to spend an extended period of time with the boss:

“With WWE, I didn’t — Clint Eastwood said in Magnum Force, ‘A man’s got to know his limitations,’ and my limitations would include not spending any extraordinary amount of time with Mr. McMahon. I love Vince but I don’t think I could operate. He has a certain way of motivating people and like Al Snow said on Wrestlers, ‘A pat on the back is two feet higher than a kick in the ass.’ I always responded better to the pat on the back and Vince is more of a kick in the ass type of guy,”

Also a part of TNA in his later years, Foley was asked if he ever considered providing creative input for weekly episodes of Impact. In hindsight, the former World Champion said that he should have gotten involved with the creative team in Nashville:

“I do regret that I did not get more involved with TNA on the creative end. Yeah, I should have. I did used to have some good ideas storyline-wise. I don’t think I’ve had one in a very long time though. So that would be the reason. My son would just come up — when he worked for the WWE and especially when he worked really closely with the talent NXT on their promos, he could just come up with idea after idea, but I stopped having those ideas a while ago.”

Mick Foley Gives Thoughts On Today’s Product

Foley has found recent episodes of Raw and SmackDown much more enjoyable than the past few years, crediting Triple H with making more entertaining shows across the board. Also giving his thoughts on the up-and-coming Superstars in the company, Foley has praised a SmackDown star as having “A big upside.”

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