WWE Hall Of Famer Believes Mercedes Moné Isn’t Good Fit For AEW

Mercedes Mone

A WWE Hall of Famer believes that Mercedes Mone wouldn’t fit in well with the women’s division that AEW has.

The start of 2023 saw Mercedes Mone receive a lot of attention because she debuted for NJPW. It was her first time working for a major wrestling promotion since she left WWE in May 2022 after spending nearly a decade competing as Sasha Banks.

In February, Mercedes Mone won the IWGP Women’s Title from Kairi (Sane) in her first match using that name. However, Mercedes only wrestled five matches in 2023.

Unfortunately for Mercedes, she suffered a broken ankle injury at the NJPW STRONG Resurgence show on May 21st and hasn’t wrestled a match in the seven months since she suffered the injury.

While she was out with the injury, Mercedes Mone appeared in the crowd at the NJPW All In London event in August. That led to speculation about Mone possibly signing with AEW, but it hasn’t happened yet.

A recent update regarding Mone is that while there were plans for her to work with AEW, apparently they are “no longer working plans” meaning she may move on to something. This has led to some fans speculating/guessing that perhaps Mercedes Mone would be open to returning to WWE using her Sasha Banks name. With the Royal Rumble one month away, it certainly would be a good time to make a comeback as Sasha Banks if that’s something Mone wants to do.

Booker T Thinks Mercedes Mone Doesn’t Fit With AEW

While speaking about Mercedes Mone on his Hall of Fame radio show/podcast, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T explained why he didn’t see Mercedes joining AEW.

“I just don’t think she [fits] in AEW. I didn’t think there [were] enough girls in the company for her to actually be able to work with, other than one or two girls. Britt Baker … and who else? No, no, seriously.”

Another interesting point about AEW is that for the last five years, they have usually featured just one women’s match per television show, so there are a lot of women who barely get any TV time. The aforementioned Britt Baker was pushed heavily in AEW from 2019 to 2022, but her TV time has decreased a lot in 2023 and she even mentioned the lack of promo time she has been given in 2023 as well.

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