Mercedes Mone Opens Up About What Sasha Banks Means To Her

Sasha Banks aka Mercedes Mone

Mercedes Mone is proud of her run as Sasha Banks.

After signing with WWE in 2012 the woman now known as Mercedes Mone adopted the name Sasha Banks. As the years passed, Banks became the “Legit Boss” and climbed to the top of WWE, becoming one of the biggest stars on the roster.

Speaking in a new interview with Evan T Mack on the Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast, Mone reflected on her time as Sasha Banks, and what the persona means to her.

“A legend. An icon. A powerhouse. Someone who stands up for what she believes in. Is a legit boss. They got that trademark for a good reason. I played that role really good. A legit boss, inside and outside the ring, and will lay it all on the line. She has a heart full of gold. Sasha Banks, what a career. What an amazing career. The thing about that, it makes me even more excited to see what Mercedes Mone can do.”

Mercedes Mone Guarantees WWE Return

During the same interview, Mercedes Mone surprisingly admitted she expects to return to WWE — just days before she’s expected to debut with AEW.

“I know I’m going to be back there one day. It’s not over. I have a lot of unfinished business in wrestling in a lot of places,”

Although there hasn’t been an official announcement, Mercedes Mone is expected to make her AEW debut on March 13th at Dynamite “Big Business.” Mone had been wrestling in NJPW and STARDOM before a broken ankle put her on the sidelines in May 2023.

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