Mercedes Mone Dismisses Rumors About Her NJPW Future

Mercedes Mone

Mercedes Mone set the record straight regarding where she’ll be wrestling for the next little while.

When Mercedes Mone debuted for New Japan back at Wrestle Kingdom 17, there were questions over how long her deal was.

Not long after her debut, rumors began to circulate that her deal was for only a small handful of dates and matches.

But now, the IWGP Women’s Champion has cleared the air in an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, in which she stated that those rumors are untrue and that she’s adapting to life in Japan for the long haul.

“The rumors are so far from the truth. If it’s not coming from me or my voice, then how does anyone else know my business? None of it is true unless it is coming from me.

It’s just a reminder that I’m a conversation starter. This is my new home. I’m embracing the way of life. I’m riding the train, I’m eating the food. I’m not here for a quick second.

I have a kitchen in my apartment, but when I go out, I’m eating yakiniku. It’s this amazing barbecue. I’ve been enjoying everything. The pancakes are amazing, too. This has become my second home. And I’m committed to staying here to make history.”

Additionally, Mone recently claimed that she’s considering moving to Japan full-time sometime soon.