Mercedes Mone Proud Of WWE Walk-Out

Mercedes Mone AEW Dynamite debut

Mercedes Mone felt “lost and confused” after leaving WWE.

The May 16th, 2022 episode of Monday Night Raw was thrown into chaos after Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out during the taping. The exact details of what happened remain unknown, but there was reportedly a row over creative and the pair launched their Women’s Tag Team Titles at then-Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis.

Naomi has since returned to WWE at the 2024 Royal Rumble, but Banks — now known as Mercedes Mone headed to NJPW and STARDOM before landing in AEW.

Speaking In a new AEW digital exclusive interview with Renee Paquette, Mone reflected on leaving WWE while explaining how her exit made her the woman she is today.

“I mean, first is just finding a team. Finding people that I can go to for help because I felt so lost, so broken, so hurt and so confused. [She didn’t know] where I fit in this world and especially in the world of wrestling that gave me so much hope, gave me so [many] dreams, gave me so much opportunity.

I felt very lost and confused and unsure, and it hurt me because of how much work I put into being in wrestling and all my dreams into it just felt like it got taken away from me and just kinda came crumbling down,” she said.

So it took a little bit of healing, a lot of healing, but a team to really help build me back up and to have my back. To let me know, I am more than a boss, I am a CEO because I took control of my own life. I walked out with my head held up high, and I found so many new passions that I never got to discover before. Wrestling has always been my one and only and my everything. To be a 30-year-old back then, now I’m 32, to grow and understand that there’s so much more than this.”

Mercedes Mone Planning WWE Return

Just days ahead of her AEW debut, Mercedes Mone said she “knows” she’ll return to WWE before her career is over. The star said she has a lot of unfinished business in a lot of places, including WWE.

At AEW Dynamite Big Business, Mone finally became All Elite after months of speculation regarding her next move. The star opened the show with an address to the AEW faithful before standing tall as the show went off the air after coming to the aid of Willow Nightingale.

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