Mercedes Moné Update Regarding Her Wrestling Future

Mercedes Mone

There has been an interesting update regarding what might be next for Mercedes Mone in professional wrestling.

The year 2023 is nearing its end while one of the best women’s professional wrestlers, Mercedes Mone, is on the sidelines waiting to return from an ankle injury.

At the NJPW STRONG Resurgence show on May 21st, Mercedes was in a match against AEW’s Willow Nightingale. During the match, the former WWE Women’s Champion known as Sasha Banks suffered a broken ankle. According to reports at the time, Mone was scheduled to win the match and become the newly-created NJPW STRONG Women’s Title before getting injured.

In February, Mercedes Mone won the IWGP Women’s Title from Kairi (Sane) in her first match using that name. However, due to the ankle injury, Mercedes only wrestled five matches in 2023.

Throughout the year, there were rumors about Mone possibly appearing for AEW since she had worked NJPW shows and NJPW works closely with AEW. At AEW All In London at Wembley Stadium, Mercedes was shown in the crowd watching the show, which led to speculation that perhaps a deal with AEW was coming.

Does Mercedes Mone Have A Future With AEW?

An update on the future of Mone has been provided by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, who noted that while there may have been plans for Mone to appear for AEW in the past, but it doesn’t appear to look like that now.

“I haven’t heard anything lately besides that the once working plans for AEW and Mercedes (Monè) are no longer working plans.”

This has led to some fans speculating/guessing that perhaps Mercedes Mone would be open to returning to WWE using her Sasha Banks name. As Banks, she worked in WWE from 2014 to May 2022 when she decided to leave the company with Naomi (aka Trinity) due to being frustrated while they were the Women’s Tag Team Champions.

A lot has changed in WWE since Banks was last there since Triple H has taken over as the head of WWE Creative from Vince McMahon, who was in charge when Banks walked away.

One of Mone’s best friends is WWE’s Bayley, who noted recently that “I’ve always got a plan.” That led to even more speculation about a Sasha Banks return. With the Royal Rumble coming on January 27th, perhaps there is smoke to the fire regarding a Banks return.