Max Dupri Leaves Maximum Male Models

Max Dupri WWE

SmackDown star Max Dupri has turned his back on his Maximum Male Models and teased a possible return to his former LA Knight gimmick…yeah!

Dupri’s most recent stint with WWE began in February 2021 when he became part of NXT under the name LA Knight. After engaging in a number of high-profile feuds, including time working with Ted DiBiase and winning the Million Dollar Championship, Knight was finally called up to the main roster in May 2022 becoming Max Dupri.

Since then he has put together his Maximum Male Models group with Mace and Mansoor competing as a tag team and Dupri’s storyline sister Maxxine Dupri also a part of the faction. Despite the talent of all involved, the group has found little in the way of in-ring success.

On SmackDown from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Mace and Mansoor were not wrestling but instead challenged by Dupri to break the Canadian record for posing. With only seconds to go before breaking the supposed record, Max Dupri gave them a nudge to end their attempt. Dupri then lambasted the group saying that he was done and walked off dropping a “yeah” that harkens back to his days as LA Knight.

Whether or not Max Dupri will revert to his former name and character and begin competing in the ring again in WWE still remains to be seen.