Matt Riddle Recalls “Certain People” Making Passes At Female Talent

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle has opened up on his experiences with WWE.

On January 25th, Janel Grant who used to work for WWE, filed a lawsuit against the company, Vince McMahon, and John Laurinaitis. In the suit, Grant accuses McMahon of emotional and sexual abuse as well as sex trafficking.

The situation brought previous allegations made public in 2022 back to the fore, as well as historic allegations about sexual misconduct in the 1980s, McMahon’s alleged rape of former referee Rita Chatterton, and claims the company knew former Superstar Ashley Massaro had allegedly been assaulted in 2006.

WWE has always denied any knowledge of the alleged incident, but via a lawyer, John Laurinaitis stated WWE management and Vince McMahon knew of Massaro’s claims.

Vince McMahon was also accused of “sexually preying on WWE stars” in a previously unreleased statement.

During an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, former WWE star Matt Riddle was asked whether he heard anything about McMahon’s behaviour.

“I’ve never heard anything about Vince. I’ve seen certain people, I’m not going to mention names, I’ve seen certain people make passes at certain female talent by saying, ‘Come to my locker room’ or that creepy kind of thing. T

he woman I talked to didn’t go and was above that. She’s a stallion and was like, ‘I’m not doing that.’ Like, ‘Here’s my number; come to my locker room.’

That’s where it ended, but it could have escalated, and if that person was in fear of their job or wasn’t as over as they are, they probably would have gone there because ‘what am I supposed to do?’ Damn, I probably would have went there, ‘I just need the job,'”

“There’s A Lot Of Red Flags In Professional Wrestling” – Matt Riddle

With regard to the allegations made by Grant, Riddle explained:

“Some of the things I’ve read are pretty disturbing, if true. At the same time, I’ve read the texts, which can be considered kind of disturbing, in a way. The hard part for me with all this is….it’s a finicky area. It seems like he ends up in these situations. There are always large sums of money involved. I don’t know. I have no idea. I know my situation and how it was.

For me, I feel like that’s how I feel about situations because that was my experience, being falsely accused. I don’t know, maybe he’s falsely accused, but those texts, there are good amount of texts. It’s a pretty big trial situation. A lot of money involved. NDAs were issued and signed at one point. I don’t know. There are a lot of red flags, for sure. I don’t think it was great. There are a lot of red flags in professional wrestling, period. There are a lot of red flags in Hollywood, period. It’s not a knock on Hollywood or wrestling.

When you run billion dollar industries that are fueled by athletes or good looking people or actors or entertainers, and how you choose said entertainers, there’s a lot of room for mess. With WWE, my situation, sent me to rehab. I won’t say anything bad.

They did the best they could and what they thought was best for me. I honestly think that. I think they thought putting my in rehab throughout the holidays for the remainder of the year, they thought it was the best thing for me. I disagree. Maybe the first month, take the holidays, but another 30 days was a little rough and you overdid it, but I get why you did it. You’re protecting yourself and investment and you’re looking out of me.

Nine times out of ten, WWE did the right thing, but there are still going to be a couple of bad apples. Entertainment is a weird world and it’s a lot of politics and navigation. I feel WWE does the best they can. MLW and New Japan do the best they can, and that’s why I align myself with these companies,”

In 2020 Riddle was accused of sexual assault by female independent wrestler Candy Cartwright. The claims related to an alleged incident in 2018, and resulted in a lawsuit being filed, although it was dropped in 2021.

Meanwhile, in 2023 another allegation dating back to 2016 resurfaced, with Matt Riddle accused of changing in front of a female talent.

The former WWE star denied any wrongdoing relating to both alleged incidents.

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