Matt Riddle Hospitalized After Car Crash

Matt Riddle

A car accident led to an injury for Matt Riddle leading the former WWE superstar to share an important message on social media.

After spending five years in WWE, Matt Riddle was released by the company in September 2023 along with several other superstars. It came right around the time when Endeavor officially acquired WWE to form the TKO Group with the UFC, which was another company that Riddle worked for earlier in his career.

Since his WWE departure, Riddle hasn’t signed any sort of long-term deal with another major pro wrestling company although he is keeping busy with bookings on the independent wrestling circuit.

Unfortunately for Riddle, he was in a car accident that gave him a concussion that will cause him to miss some upcoming shows. Riddle shared what happened in a post on social media.

Just wanted to share with everyone that I won’t be making tonight’s show or tomorrow’s show, unfortunately on my way to the airport my Uber got into an accident and I had to go to the hospital and get checked out. I have a concussion, bumps and bruises but I’ll be fine #seatbelt

Matt Riddle Wishes He Did Some Things Differently In WWE

During his WWE career, Matt Riddle was a United States Champion and a two-time Raw Tag Team Champion with Randy Orton. Their RK-Bro tag team was very popular with the fans and their merchandise was a hot commodity as well. Riddle also feuded with many big names in the company like Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as well.

While appearing on the Kurt Angle Show earlier this year, Riddle admitted that there are things he wished he had done differently while in WWE.

“There’s a lot of things, you know, that I probably would have done a little differently. I probably wouldn’t have talked a lot of sh*t that I talked. I’ll be honest, like, you know, working on the road, traveling that much, and then bad decisions, and that’s just what happens. That’s life.”

“You have bad people around, you know, unfortunately, when you’re on the road, sometimes it’s out of control. So that’s it, but I have no regrets. You only live once and you learn from your mistakes.”

TJRWrestling wishes Matt Riddle all the best after the car accident that gave him a concussion. Please drive safely out there.