Matt Hardy Names The Hulk Hogan Of AEW

Hulk Hogan pointing

Who’s the Hulk Hogan of AEW?

For better or worse, Hulk Hogan had a massive impact on every company he worked for. The star helped launch the WWF into the stratosphere in the 1980s, before playing a key role in the rise of WCW through the mid-1990s. However, his stint in TNA was much less successful.

Speaking on the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the tag team legend compared Hogan’s influence on WCW, to Chris Jericho’s impact on AEW. Jericho is seen as one of the key figures of AEW’s early years and was arguably the biggest mainstream name on the roster when the company launched.

Jericho defeated Kenny Omega at the first-ever Double or Nothing in 2019 before going on to become the inaugural AEW World Champion.

“He was the Hulk Hogan of AEW. You know, whenever WCW made their run, and Hulk Hogan was this big name, and then eventually turned him heel. I mean, he kind of was the guy that was like, you know, behind the helm of the ship.

I mean, he was the guy with all the star power. And he really like took them to another level, especially when it came to the nWo thing. But I think when you look at AEW, I think the closest parallel you can really compare anything to is he is like the Hulk Hogan of WCW. He was the driving force there in the beginning.”

WWE Legend Claims Hulk Hogan Deserves More Credit

During his career, Hogan was often criticised for his in-ring work which many suggested didn’t match up to his incredible star power. However, Ted DiBiase believes Hulk Hogan actually deserves more credit.

DiBiase said that he felt Hogan’s skills lay in having a clearly defined character who could have believable matches with anyone.

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