Matt Hardy Calls MJF “The Face Of AEW For A Very Long Time”

MJF AEW entrance

With MJF looking to reach the top of the mountain in AEW this weekend, Matt Hardy feels ‘The Salt Of The Earth’ can lead the company into the future.

MJF surprised many when he didn’t cash in his Casino Ladder Match poker chip with a blindside attack on AEW Champion Jon Moxley, instead opting to give him fair warning that he wanted his shot at Full Gear.

On the latest edition of his Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy Podcast, the multi-time WWE Tag Team Champion has commented that despite MJF teasing leaving the company, he sees him as the face to take the company forwards over the next few years.

It’s very interesting, especially where the pay per view is located in Newark, not too far from his home base. He’s been doing great work. He is an extremely talented young man and he is a guy that is going to be the future of AEW for a long time. Even as much as he jokes around, ‘My contract is coming up and they want me up north brother’, I think he’s going to be the face of AEW for a very long time.

Whilst he will no doubt be interested in the result of the main event, Matt Hardy admits he will also be closely watching who comes out on top in the Trios Championship match between The Elite and Death Triangle.

I’m pumped for that match. Whoever wins that match, I am gonna say this right here and right now though between The Death Triangle and The Elite, myself and Private Party, the Hardy Party, we are really focusing on these six man tags right now, these trio matches, and we want to come looking for those titles. I’m gonna go ahead and say that right now. Whoever wins that match, we want to come looking for those titles.

Dustin Rhodes, another AEW veteran, has also weighed in on who he feels will win the Full Gear main event.

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