Dustin Rhodes Gives His Thoughts On Jon Moxley-MJF AEW Full Gear Match

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Dustin Rhodes has given his take on the credentials of both Jon Moxley and MJF, as well as predicting who will come out on top at AEW Full Gear.

MJF dramatically returned to AEW at All Out, donning a mask and winning the Casino Ladder Match to earn the poker chip and guarantee himself a shot at the AEW World Championship. Since that date Jon Moxley has become the title holder for a third time, and in a change to the usual surprise cash in ‘The Salt Of The Earth’ confirmed that he would have his opportunity at Full Gear.

Taking a look at both competitors in the match during an interview on Sports Guys Talk Wrestling, Dustin Rhodes has seen the experience factor Jon Moxley brings to the match as being a key factor.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is pretty new in the business. Four, five years, Mox has got the experience on it. Mox knows how to carry the title and put the weight of the company on his shoulders basically and carry it and does a great job at it. I love Moxley as champion. He handles himself well and he goes out there and he performs and he delivers.

Over recent weeks, there has been a change in attitude towards MJF. Whilst he still has his usual disparaging remarks, he has gained popularity with the crowds and although not outright turning babyface, is at least considered a tweener by many. This has been noticed by Rhodes, who feels MJF has a really bright future ahead.

MJF also delivers, but he’s just on the cusp of his greatness, and he’s doing so many great things right now. The heel, babyface, tweener, back and forth, they hated him, they kind of love him. I’ve talked to MJF about this, ‘Sooner or later you’re gonna be a babyface, buddy,’ and it looks like that’s kind of where they’re going ’cause they love him.

On this occasion, he doesn’t think that MJF is going to be leaving with the belt, and expects Mox to retain his title.

I’m gonna pick Mox to win that match.

Dustin Rhodes also recently gave his opinion on why WWE strengthening is good for both companies, however if anyone wants to leave AEW then they should “get the f**k out”.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.