Matt Hardy Discusses In What Aspect Jeff Hardy Wasn’t Ready To Become World Champion

Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy, Ring Of Honor

According to Matt Hardy, his brother Jeff wasn’t ready to fully embrace being a world champion.

Jeff Hardy is one of the most popular wrestlers of the past two decades. Being such a high-flying daredevil with a unique look and eclectic personality garnered him much praise and built him a loyal fan following. And even though he wasn’t a prototypical champion by any means, he still reached the world title level in WWE in 2008 and then again in 2009.

But Jeff Hardy’s reigns were short-lived and he was never built or treated like a proper world champion. And Matt Hardy believes he knows why.

Speaking on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy Podcast, Matt thinks that Jeff Hardy being a maverick and not following ‘typical’ expectations of the person positioned as champion showed that he wasn’t ready to wear the gold.

“Jeff wasn’t going to go into this with the normal mentality of a top guy pro wrestler. Jeff is just Jeff,. He’s not gonna say, ‘I’m the champion, I’m a role model, I’m a leader, I’m gonna give people advice’. He’s just like, ‘if I’m the guy that you want the championship to be on, I mean, great, we’ll do that and I would be honoured to be the champion, and I’ll do whatever you asked me to do. And I’ll try and make everything as good as I possibly can.’

As far as like, the mentality, no, this Jeff in that category of a top guy who it’s not going to be the leader of the locker room and give all this advice and feedback to everyone else. No, that’s just not Jeff’s gig. That’s never what he’s done, and he never will do that.”

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