Matt Hardy Says Triple H Was Against Jeff Hardy Winning WWE Title

Triple H Jeff Hardy

AEW star Matt Hardy has claimed that current WWE boss Triple H was dead against Jeff Hardy capturing the WWE Championship back in 2008.

Back in 2008, Jeff Hardy won the WWE Championship for the only time in his career but there were influential voices in the company determined to stop it from happening, due to Hardy’s chequered past.

Speaking on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt Hardy discussed previous comments from then-WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. who said that Triple H was not a fan of Jeff Hardy winning the WWE Title:

“I remember that day, before then going into the production meeting, and we were just waiting around. They didn’t know if it was gonna happen or not. There was a lot of division there because there was Hunter and the people that kind of sided with Hunter, and then there was Freddie and Michael Hayes.”

“Vince wanted to I think roll the dice on Jeff, but he also understood where Triple H was coming from, about his dependability and how much can the company rely on him, representing WWE as the champion. So it was really interesting. I know they specifically went to Edge. ‘What do you think we should do?’ He’s like, ‘I think we should put the title on Jeff. I remember he was a big vote for doing that. Hunter was a nay.”

“But I know Freddie Prinze, Michael Hayes, and apparently Vince kind of surveyed everybody that was in these meetings, and it seemed liked the majority was like, ‘Jeff should win the title.’ So Vince went with the majority.”

Matt Hardy then explained how he doesn’t think Triple H’s feelings were personal in regard to his brother:

“No. I think Triple H, overall he liked Jeff, and he respected the sacrifices. He just saw him for who he truly is, which is this human being who doesn’t put politics first, doesn’t put WWE, doesn’t corporate stuff first, isn’t really a businessman so to say. So I’m sure that’s where he was very weary of Jeff being the champion.”

“What if something happens again and it embarrasses the company? That’s the perspective he’s coming from. I think as far as personally, no, I don’t think it was personal against Jeff. I think that was literally just his professionalism and now he viewed him as someone who would represent the WWE as the champion. He was just worried about it.”

Matt Hardy also discussed how a failed drug test stopped Jeff Hardy from winning the Money In The Bank briefcase during his WWE career.

h/t Fightful