Matt Hardy Shares What Jeff Hardy Said Following Jay Briscoe’s Death

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Jeff Hardy had something to say following Jay Briscoe’s untimely passing.

Jeff Hardy hasn’t had much contact with the outside world following his arrest back in June 2022 following a DUI charge. Since then, his brother Matt has served as a conduit between Jeff and the rest of the world to tell people what’s happening in Jeff’s life and what’s on his mind.

As it turns out, Jeff Hardy is as mournful as most everyone else following Jay Briscoe’s passing. So much so that he sent his a brother a text that, according to Matt, left him emotional.

Speaking on his Extreme life of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt explained that Jeff sent him a text that reminded him in a harsh way of how any moment can be one’s last.

“One of the first texts I saw whenever I woke up from napping and heard this, just, awful news was from Jeff.

He just said, ‘Hey, I don’t know if you heard about Jay Briscoe. I hope you’re getting to where you’re going tonight safely. I love you, and I hope you’re good.’

It’s very important to tell people that you love that you love them because you never know when your last day can be.”

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription