Matt Hardy Believes Jade Cargill “Left AEW At The Optimal Time”

Jade Cargill walking to the ring

Matt Hardy is the latest star to give his thoughts on Jade Cargill‘s decision to leave AEW for WWE.

WWE announced that they had signed Jade Cargill to a multi-year deal on September 26th. The star has called the move a “no-brainer” as the company provides her “endless opportunities.”

Reaction to the news has been positive, with many believing Cargill will be able to reach the top of WWE and that she is a perfect fit for the company.

Current AEW star Matt Hardy has now given his take during the latest episode of his ‘Extreme Life’ podcast. Hardy believes WWE’s decision to make Cargill’s signing into a big deal is the right call for her to “blast off into superstardom.”

“It’s a good call. There’s a ton of untapped potential in here, it’s gonna be really interesting to see how it plays out. WWE is trying to treat her like a star, they’re trying to give her the biggest boost possible to really have her blast off into superstardom and they’re doing it the right way.”

Hardy added that he thinks the star left AEW at the “optimal time” as she had just come off a lengthy undefeated run followed by only two losses when she lost the TBS Championship to Kris Statlander.

“She left AEW at the optimal time when you think about it, she had this big push, she had been undefeated, she had one loss, she went away for a while, came back and then she announces to management that she’s going to go to WWE. She has one more loss, and then off to WWE. She’s leaving about as unblemished as you can leave.”

Matt Hardy – Jade Cargill is “Vince McMahon’s Perfect Wrestler”

When it comes to how Cargill will fare in WWE, Hardy is optimistic as she fits the mold of Vince McMahon‘s perfect wrestler.

“She has the look of the star. When it comes to a female wrestler, she’s Vince McMahon’s perfect wrestler.

“Vince would love that look I can tell you, big, pretty girl who’s pretty, muscular and athletic. It’s going to be really interesting to see how it goes.

One place Hardy thinks Cargill still needs to prove herself is in longer matches, as although she was undefeated in AEW, most of her wins came quickly.

One thing I’m interested in is to see how her work translates into longer matches, like if she’s doing main events as opposed to shorter matches. I think that’s going to be the determining factor, if she can go and produce those great, long, and competitive main event matches. That’s going to be the point where she has to prove herself more than anywhere else.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.