Tyler Breeze Discusses Vince McMahon Piecing Together Bizarre Match

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Tyler Breeze has opened up on the creative process for a match he feared at one stage was going to be “the worst match of all time”.

It was at Backlash 2017 when Breezango, the combination of Tyler Breeze and Fandango, had risen up the ranks enough to get a shot at the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, held at the time by The Usos. However, what they had in mind for the match wasn’t the same as what Vince McMahon was thinking.

In a discussion on Busted Open Radio, Tyler Breeze has spoken about the contest, and how sitting in the room with McMahon led to a completely different match.

We actually went in and talked to him. That is what clued me in to the very different visions in terms of what we were going for. We almost pitched, The Usos, myself and Fandango, for the tag titles. Chicago, great crowd. We pitched having more of a NXT match where it’s hard-hitting, the finish was going to be I’m handcuffed, or he’s handcuffed to the ropes, this gritty tag title match. Vince listens, ‘alright, okay.’

He goes, ‘You dress up on the Fashion Files, right?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘You dress up like a girl, don’t you?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Let’s do that for the match. ‘Hmm, okay. How do we make that work?’ ‘You dress up as other stuff, too?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Let’s do that too.’ ‘Okay, how do we make that work?’ The Usos are sitting there and go, ‘How do we get heat on him in this tag match?’ Vince goes, ‘Maybe there is no heat.’

We go, ‘What is happening here? This is going to be the worst match of all time.’ You see us sinking in our chairs and we didn’t know where to go from there. When we left, the Usos are laughing at me because I was sitting on the floor in the locker room going, ‘How do I make this work? How do I change in the ring with an arena full of people?

Vince McMahon “Was Right” With Match Vision

In the end, Tyler Breeze ended up putting on the match that was expected and made it work – noting that it was the only time he got a hug from McMahon in gorilla afterwards.

We slowly started to figure it out, and we pieced it together into what you ended up seeing. They would have actually bought us winning the tag titles. Once we did it, Road Dogg, who was very much a supporter of us and knew our stuff, he was expecting that same ‘this is your first big opportunity to show you can work.’ He went, ‘is this going to work? Should I go in there and talk to him?’

I went, ‘Honestly, I think this will work. I think we can make this work.’ We ended up doing it, we came back, it’s the only match I’ve had where Vince walked over and hugged us. Hunter walked over. It’s a standing ovation. Road Dogg went, ‘It’s one of those things where Vince, he’ll see something and no one can see it and you’ll go he was right.’ I went, ‘He was right’.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.