Matt Hardy Negotiating With AEW Despite WWE Visit

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy could be set to extend his stay with AEW despite attending WWE Raw recently.

The former ECW Champion’s contract with Tony Khan’s organisation is believed to be drawing to a close and speculation became rife recently after Hardy and his wife Reby made no secret of their visit to watch Raw when WWE’s flagship show arrived in their hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina on 18th March.

Speaking on his podcast ‘The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy‘, the 49 year-old confirmed that negotiations were under way with Khan regarding a contract extension:

“We’re in the midst of this thing, we’re figuring it out, and hopefully in a few weeks, I will know what the future holds.”

With spots still open for the upcoming Six-Pack Ladder Match for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 40, many believed that Hardy and brother Jeff may be preparing for a sensational come back at WWE’s top Premium Live Event.

The pair had previously made a stunning return at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando back in April 2017, lifting the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship in a four-way ladder match.

Hardy would distance himself from those rumours, however, praising boss Tony Khan before revealing that he would only put pen to paper if he found the creative to be to his satisfaction:

“I want AEW to do well and I want AEW to thrive, but I want to be in a satisfactory position in what I’m doing in AEW. That’s kind of where we’re at, you know, still negotiating and figuring things out. Tony Khan is taking great care of me. He has been a good boss.

I think Tony Khan is a great human being, but at the end of the day when it comes for me making the decision about what I do next, it also comes down to making sure that I’m happy and that I’m comfortable with what I’m doing too in all capacities across the board.”

Matt Hardy Believes AEW Is Important For The Wrestling Industry

Hardy had high praise, however, for the company he joined in March 2020 following the expiration of his contract with WWE.

The former WWE United States Champion highlighted the importance of AEW to the wrestling industry, noting that competition was healthy for all companies:

“I do love AEW. There’s some things I would like to change about my personal career there in some of the things we’re doing, but I do say overall I love AEW because it is very important for the pro wrestling industry.

AEW needs to do well just because the pro wrestling industry doesn’t need just one huge company that’s in control of everything. They need competition. Competition is what makes it thrive and what makes it better. For all the young kids coming up, competition needs to exist.” for the above transcription.