Matt Cardona Shares His Favourite WWE Memory, Hails Former WWE Star As A ‘Locker Room Legend’.

Matt Cardona FI 2

The WWE Locker Room is home to some of wrestling’s most iconic stories from human waste in handbags to Mario Cart Parties and everything in-between. However, Matt Cardona has praised a former WWE star for being an absolute ‘locker room legend’ whilst sharing his favourite locker room memory from his time with the WWE.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Liam Alexander-Stewart, Matt Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder, would discuss his favourite memories from his 15-year tenure with the WWE ahead of his upcoming NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship match at NWA Hard Times 3 on November 12th.

“Oh man, you’ve put me on the spot here…Locker room stories [hmmm]. Man, well Health Slater is a locker room legend, I think he’s everybody’s favourite guy in the locker room. One time I was telling the boys in the locker room that I was sending a text to my ex-girlfriend but I just sent her a blank text message, you know pressing the spacebar and sent it to get her attention. Then he [Health] said [impersonating Health Slater] ‘You just sent her a blank text message… what it say?”.

“Heath is just so oblivious to life that he will always just spit out these legendary quotes not even trying to be funny. So Heath Slater, Heath Miller, Heath whatever you want to call him is a locker room legend.”

‘The Agent’ would sign with WWE back in 2006 following an appearance on SmackDown taking on ‘The Blueprint’ Matt Morgan a year earlier. He would remain with the company in a variety of roles for 15-years during which time he would win the Intercontinental and United States Championships alongside two reigns as RAW Tag Team Champion alongside long-time friend Curt Hawkins [AKA Brian Myers]. Cardona was released in April 2020 as part of ‘budget cuts’ due to the ongoing global pandemic, the 37-year-old is currently one of wrestling’s hottest free agents appearing in GCW, NWA, IMACT and AEW alongside a plethora of independent promotions around the globe.

Matt Cardona is set to take on Trevor Murdoch and Tyrus for the NWA Worlds’ Heavyweight Championship at NWA’s upcoming Hard Times 3 PPV on Saturday November 12th – available to watch for just $24.99 via FITE. Nick Aldis had previously been set to take on recent rival Odinson in singles competition, the NWA is yet to announce a replacement for Aldis on the upcoming event.

During the same interview Cardona would discuss Nick Aldis’ controversial NWA departure, the worst clickbait news headline he has ever seen and the breakout stars of the international independent wrestling scene.

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