Mark Henry Says “The Tears Rolled” After Recent WWE Match

Mark Henry

One recent WWE match left Mark Henry feeling emotional.

Monday Night Raw saw one of the best matches on the show in recent memory in Charlotte, North Carolina as GUNTHER defended his Intercontinental Championship against Chad Gable. In the end, The Ring General held onto his title and will therefore break The Honky Tonk Man’s 35 year-old-record as the longest Intercontinental Champion of all time.

Gable received plaudits for his performance in the bout as his star continues to rise and his loss was made all the more poignant as it was in front of his family and it reduced his young daughter to tears.

Mark Henry feels the emotional pull of GUNTHER and Chad Gable

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry revealed that Gable’s daughter was not the only one in tears after the bout:

“GUNTHER and Gable did something that a lot of matches haven’t done over the years, and that was make me tear up.

“It wasn’t really the match. It was the fact that it was so exciting and so much fun to watch, and when Gable lost and his daughter started crying, I started crying too because I realized that pro wrestling, when done right, can emotionally affect you. I think more of that needs to be done in pro wrestling so the world can realize that it’s based off feelings and emotions. As much as it’s big, tough guys, and incredibly skilled and resilient women, we are still people and have feelings. The whole point is to make you feel, and last night, brother, the tears rolled.”

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h/t Wrestling Inc.