Mark Henry Clarifies Current AEW Role

Mark Henry holding an AEW microphone

Mark Henry has broken down his role as a “psychology coach” in AEW.

The WWE Hall of Famer moved to AEW in May 2021, debuting at Double or Nothing. Henry went on to work as part of the broadcast team on Rampage, as well as helping out backstage in a number of mainly undefined roles.

Speaking during an appearance on the Hall of Fame podcast with Booker T, Henry was asked to define his job with AEW, and exactly what he does behind the scenes. The veteran explained that he’s stepped away from working with the community outreach program and now works as something of a “psychology coach.”

“I never changed titles. You know me. I’ve always been a conduit. I always been a guy that wanted the greater good to happen. I always wanted everybody to get to the top. I always wanted success for everybody. There was a time when I had a role. I helped run the community effort, the educational programming I ran. I don’t do that now. It’s a hard job that requires a lot of time.

I’m spending more time working on the psychology side of wrestling with each individual wrestler. I like the fact that I can influence guys into seeing that everything don’t work for them. It’s more of being a psychology coach than a physical coach. We got guys that teach them how to do it. I teach them where to do it, when to do it, and why you’re doing it. Those are the things I feel like is the more important elements in pro wrestling,”

Mark Henry On What Went Wrong Between CM Punk And AEW

During the same appearance, Mark Henry reflected on what went wrong with CM Punk and AEW and recalled the star trying to give others advice. Henry said that while Punk is stuck in his old-school mentality, that’s a positive, although his attempts to help younger talent fell on deaf ears.

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