Mark Briscoe Shares Heartfelt Message After AEW Debut

Mark Briscoe AEW

Mark Briscoe has shared a very emotional message following his AEW debut as part of a tribute match for his late brother Jay Briscoe.

The wrestling world was shocked and saddened on January 17th when Jay Briscoe (real name Jamin Pugh) died in a car accident when another driver went into his lane and hit his car head on. There have been a lot of tributes for Jay Briscoe since then including what happened last night on AEW Dynamite.

Mark Briscoe made his AEW debut on the January 25th edition of Dynamite when he faced his good friend and another ROH veteran Jay Lethal, who is a close friend of the Briscoe Brothers. After Mark won the match with the Jay Driller, he hugged Lethal and the AEW locker room showed their appreciation for the Briscoes as well.

Following his appearance on Dynamite, Mark Briscoe shared a message with the world as shared by AEW on its social media. Briscoe said:

“Life is gonna be changing. Souls are gonna be saved. I know one thing; when I do stand face to face with him again, there’s gonna be a rack of souls, there’s gonna be thousands, tens of thousands, whatever it may be, that are gonna be up there on the other side of the pearly gates, right there with us because of what has happened this past week.”

“Jamin did not die in vein. He did not live in vein. God has a plan, god has a purpose. Jesus is open for everyone, Jesus is available to everyone, everyone. You ain’t got to change your life and come to Jesus. Come to Jesus, and if he wants to, he’ll change your life. Jesus is available for every one of us, no matter what.”

“No matter what kind of life, what walk of life we walk. Just a drop in the ocean, vapor in the wind, man. That’s what this life is. Jamin knew that. That’s the only reason that I can continue on. That’s the only reason that I can carry on. Because I know this ain’t in vein. I know this ain’t for nothing. Thank y’all, and thank God, and thank you, Jamin. I love y’all, every one of y’all.”

Fans can continue to donate to a fundraising effort set up for Jay Briscoe’s family while a memorial shirt for the late star has also been released with all proceeds from it going to his family as well.