Mark Briscoe Still Banned From AEW By Warner Bros. Discovery

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Following Warner Bros. Discovery’s decision not to air a full tribute show to Jay Briscoe, a new report says Mark Briscoe still won’t be allowed on AEW TV.

Jay Briscoe passed away on the 17th of January following a car accident that also killed the driver of the other car involved. Briscoe’s two daughters were also in the car and they remain in hospital for treatment to serious injuries at this time.

AEW Dynamite on the 18th of January aired a brief tribute to Jay Briscoe at the start of the show but Tony Khan chose to film a full tribute to Briscoe under the Ring of Honor banner that will air for free on Honor Club at a later date. Reports suggested Warner Bros. Discovery did not want a full tribute show airing on TBS.

The Briscoes were barred from appearing on Warner Bros. Discovery networks as a result of offensive Tweets Jay Briscoe sent out over a decade ago. In the years since Briscoe has apologised consistently and repeatedly for his remarks.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has noted that Warner Bros. Discovery is still against Mark Briscoe appearing on its networks, despite Mark Briscoe never having done anything wrong:

“Oh boy. I already know the answer (to if Mark Briscoe will be allowed in AEW). The answer is no. I can’t tell you more. It could change, but that’s the answer. Hopefully, it’ll change, but that is the answer. It could change, hopefully it does change.”

Warner Bros. Discovery will air the second episode of Dana White’s Power Slap following Dynamite on the 25th of January just weeks after White was filmed slapping his wife in the face.

h/t WrestleTalk