Marc Mero Speaks About The Heat He Received Over His WWE Contract

Marc Mero Speaks About The Heat He Received Over His WWE Contract

In an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, former WWE Superstar Marc Mero discussed the backlash he received from the WWE locker room upon signing with the company back in 1996 due to his guaranteed contract.

I was the first one on a guaranteed contract with WWE, so I get paid the same no matter what. So what really hurt me (with the other wrestlers) is when I’m off for 8 months with my ACL surgery I’m getting paid this big money every week and I got a huge signing bonus, and it just ruffled a lot of feathers when I came to WWE.

Mero also revealed the amount he was being paid, and how groundbreaking it was in the wrestling industry at the time to be on a guaranteed deal.

It was 350 (thousand dollars a year), and a signing bonus, and every year it went up 50 grand. Yeah it was incredible, it broke the glass ceiling so to speak… Brian (Pillman) was the next one, and because we got it, everyone else started getting them.

Mero also talked about the problems he had working with his fellow superstars in the ring, and how they wouldn’t cooperate with him.

We weren’t very well liked, and I could see how it would translate into the ring too where guys didn’t want to do a lot of stuff that I wanted to do, or did not perform, and there were some people who would even make a mockery of working with me, who would do things that were really hurtful in the ring that made me look really bad. But you look back and you just roll with it.

Marc Mero’s final match with WWE would be in December 1998 at the UK-only WWE Capital Carnage PPV, and his contract would expire in 1999 after a largely uneventful run in WWE.

What Other Struggles Did Marc Mero Face In His WWE Career?

Marc Mero has also discussed some of the other challenges he faced in WWE such as trying to figure out his original ‘Wildman’ persona and the transformation into his ‘Marvelous’ Marc Mero persona.

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