Marc Mero Reflects On The Struggles Of His WWE Career

Marc Mero Reflects On The Struggles Of His WWE Career

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Marc Mero delved into the trials and tribulations he faced while portraying his “Wildman” character during his tenure in the WWE.

Speaking in an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Marc Mero offered candid insights into the challenges he encountered in connecting with the persona and the subsequent transition to his “Marvellous” Marc Mero alter ego.

Reflecting on his time as the “Wildman,” Mero confessed to initial confusion regarding the character’s essence and struggled to resonate with the audience. Creative direction compounded his difficulties, leading to a lack of connection with fans and prompting a shift to the persona of “Marvellous” Marc Mero, drawing on his background as a former boxer to portray a villainous figure.

The Wildman character wasn’t getting over. I mean, when I came there I didn’t even understand what the hell a Wildman was supposed to be. From the jungle? You know, I remember asking Vince [McMahon], Vince went ‘Why don’t we do this Tarzan yell’ I couldn’t do it I don’t have a very strong voice so the Tarzan yell was definitely out of it. So I never really connected with the Wildman character. And the audience didn’t connect with it either. So they moved me on to the Marvellous Marc Mero because I was a former boxer, let’s bring that in as a bad guy.

Mero also highlighted the pivotal role of his then-wife, Sable, in shaping his character’s evolution, leveraging her rising popularity to enhance his own persona. Their on-screen dynamic was strategically utilised to generate significant fan interest and establish Mero as a compelling antagonist.

And because we were doing that thing, where Sable’s really getting over. So what better way to get her over was through me, you know, through the bad guy, the guy who owns her contract as a manager?

Furthermore, Mero emphasised the deliberate efforts to transform his character into a formidable heel, orchestrating scenarios that elicited strong negative reactions from the audience. These calculated moves ultimately contributed to his character’s success in garnering substantial heat from spectators, solidifying his position as a compelling antagonist in the WWE.

So it was really working and the character was getting over as a heel. I mean, we’d get booed out of the building when I came out and make her disrobe me or whatever it would be. And then of course leading up to when we actually had to wrestle against each other or be in mixed tag matches together she always got her revenge.

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Marc Mero’s then-wife Sable had to apologise to The Undertaker, Steve Austin and others after she left the WWE and filed a sexual harassment lawsuit and later wanted to return to the company.

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