Update On How Mandy Rose Reacted To WWE Release

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There is more information about Mandy Rose’s WWE release including how she reacted to the news and insight into when she last signed a WWE contract.

There was a shocking release on Wednesday when it was announced that former NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose was let go by WWE. Rose was fired by WWE one day after dropping the NXT Women’s Title to Roxanne Perez on the December 13th episode of NXT. Rose held the championship for an incredible 413 days before her surprising loss to the 21-year-old challenger.

Rose was first discovered by WWE as part of the reality show Tough Enough in 2015. She finished second among the women contestants on the show and then was signed to a full-time deal shortly after it ended. Rose debuted in NXT, then she was on both Raw & Smackdown before going back to NXT in 2021.

While WWE has not spoken about why Rose was released, the belief is that it’s because Rose has a FanTime subscription page that WWE wanted her to get rid of. The story goes that WWE PC Head Coach Matt Bloom brought it to the attention of Shawn Michaels, who is in charge of NXT, and they felt that they had no other choice but to release Rose. It is unknown if WWE warned her about the potential firing or any discipline for keeping the fan page up.

Some unconfirmed reports have been out there noting that Rose likely makes more money from her subscription page compared to her WWE deal, so that could have played a part in why she didn’t want to shut her page down like WWE wanted. It’s also possible that she could be brought back to WWE in the future.

Following her release, Rose posted this message to her subscribers noting that her $40 per month page is continuing:

“Hey guys, thank you for all the messages. I am overwhelmed with all the love and support from you guys. And don’t worry the page is still up! ;)”

A new update has been provided by Fightful Select, who originally reported the news of Rose’s WWE release. Their update noted that things were “very hasty” regarding Rose going into NXT on Tuesday. It was about 15 minutes before NXT went on the air when Fightful was told that there was going to be a title change. The match between Perez and Rose was set up in the opening segment of the show. Perez beat Rose clean in the main event.

It is believed that Rose was in good spirits at the NXT show on Tuesday and also after her release, which came out on Wednesday. The belief is that she’ll be fine financially due to how lucrative her subscription service has been.

During her second NXT run from mid-2021 until this week, Mandy Rose led a group called Toxic Attraction along with Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin, who are former two-time NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. Jayne and Dolin have had several looks on the WWE main roster and have impressed people of influence in WWE. However, it was not known if WWE was going to bring all of Toxic Attraction to the main roster together any time soon.

In 2019, Rose signed a five-year deal to remain in WWE meaning she had nearly two years left on her contract when the company decided to release her. Fightful also noted that there were WWE sources trying to leak a story that Rose requested her release two weeks ago, but there’s no indication that is actually true.

Mandy Rose, whose real name is Amanda Rose Saccomanno (hence the Mandy Rose name), is engaged to be married to former NXT wrestler Tino Sabbatelli, who played in the NFL for six years before he tried wrestling. He was released by WWE in 2020. The couple has not announced their wedding date.