Mandy Rose Names Her Most Embarrassing WWE Moment

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The WWE career of Mandy Rose saw her accomplish a lot, but setting up a table was not something she enjoyed doing during one big match.

Mandy Rose was released by WWE in December 2022 just one day after dropping the NXT Women’s Title to Roxanne Perez on NXT television. The release was shocking because Rose was NXT Women’s Champion for 413 days and had been with WWE since 2015.

After her WWE run, Mandy Rose (real name Amanda Saccomanno – she also goes by Mandy Sacs) has made “life-changing” money post WWE on a subscription-based website. Due to her status as a former WWE star and being popular with a lot of fans, it’s not a surprise that Rose is doing well outside of the company. Rose hasn’t wrestled elsewhere since leaving WWE although she has appeared at signings to meet fans.

At WWE SummerSlam 2020 in the “ThunderDome” with no fans in attendance due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mandy Rose defeated her good friend Sonya Deville in a “Loser Leaves WWE” match. The two had a rivalry at the time even though they were close friends. That match took place just a few weeks after a crazed fan broke into Sonya’s house to try to kill her and Rose was in the house as well.

Mandy Rose Did Not Have A Memorable Table Moment

During that SummerSlam match, Rose recalled her most embarrassing WWE moment being when she was unable to flip a table over onto its legs. Rose spoke about the ordeal on her Power Alphas podcast.

“People don’t realize, those tables are heavy. They are heavy, they are hard, you’re in the middle of the moment, you’re blown (up). That was the worst match I’ve had. [Sonya] and I both say that was the worst match. There were so many things going on in our life, it was very bad. A very bad match. I practiced that so many times, ‘I got this,’ and for some reason, I went the wrong way.”

“I tried to lift it (like I did), and you just can’t. Then I’m trying to kick it up, and I can’t get it up. Then it’s moving with me. The ref was trying to help me so bad, ‘Do it this way.’ Then he’s telling me it’s getting so bad and it’s taking so long that he’s like, ‘Forget it, f**k the table. Forget it.’ We weren’t even using it, we were teasing it. It’s a whole thing where you tease and then fall into it, but we didn’t even have the spot of falling. He’s like, ‘F**k it, we won’t even tease it.’ He kept telling me, ‘B plan.’ ‘Nope, I got this.’ It was so embarrassing.”

“That was worse than me slipping at WrestleMania. Those are top two, but it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my career. People still haunt me with it. ‘Mandy Rose vs. The Table, WrestleMania 38.'”

Rose would go on to win the match and Deville left the company in storyline, but she did return eventually. The story was done that way to give Deville time to recover from the scary incident involving the crazed fan breaking into her home. Deville got married in February 2024. She remains with WWE and has been out action since July 2013 due to a torn ACL in her knee.

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