Mandy Rose Making “Life-Changing” Money Post WWE

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Mandy Rose has commented on her post-WWE life saying that she is making “life-changing” money since being released after a long title reign.

It was on Wednesday, December 16th when Mandy Rose was released by WWE just one day after dropping the NXT Women’s Title to Roxanne Perez on NXT television. It was a move that shocked a lot of people because Rose had been the NXT Women’s Champion for 413 days and one day after winning the title, she was gone. Rose worked for WWE for about seven years.

In the days that followed, it was revealed that WWE felt they had no choice, but to fire Rose when they realized she was posting adult content on a fan club website.

News of Mandy Rose getting fired for her non-WWE fan-friendly website got a lot of attention and also made her a lot of money with reports claiming that she made over $1 million in the month of December 2022 alone.

The former NXT Women’s Champion told TMZ that things are still going very well for her while she has time to do other things in life that don’t involve pro wrestling.

“It’s been amazing. Financially, I have been doing really well. And honestly, personally and mentally, I’ve been doing amazing. I have so much more time to spend with my family and just get involved in more things that I never thought I’d get involved in.”

Mandy Rose says she makes “life-changing” money

Mandy Rose, who is engaged to be married to former NXT wrestler Tino Sabbatelli, went on to tell TMZ she is now making life-changing money based on her income from her OnlyFans page.