Mandy Rose Merchandise Item Selling For Over $20,000

Mandy Rose

A special item from Mandy Rose’s past is being sold for an astronomical sum of money.

Mandy Rose’s 413-day reign as NXT Women’s Champion ended on December 13th when she was defeated by Roxanne Perez in the main event of NXT. The next day, fans were shocked to learn that she had been released from the company as a result of explicit content being posted on her personal exclusive content website.

The star won’t be facing financial trouble any time soon as the exclusive content business has been good to her, earning her over $1 million in December alone.

Now, Mandy Rose is auctioning off a set of ring-worn gear that was inspired by WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella. Listed on eBay, the bidding sits at $29,500 at the time of this writing. A full description of the autographed ring gear reads as follows:

“This is the perfect addition to any wrestling fan’s collection – a piece of Mandy Sacs’ title match ring-worn gear! This autographed wrestling memorabilia is a one-of-a-kind original, signed by me. It’s a must-have for any collector of authentic sports memorabilia.

This specific outfit meant a ton of different things to me and as much as I was contemplating on getting rid of it, I know my fans went crazy over it, and someone will love to have this! For the most obvious reason, the whole fit from top to bottom definitely paid some homage to the amazing Nikki Bella.

I got so many compliments and comparisons to her when I wore this gear, way more than I thought I would, which led to breaking the Internet! This outfit was also worn during my last few matches of my career thus far. I know one of my greatest fans will take good care of it, so please treasure it and hold it close in remembrance of my amazing 413 day title reign!


Mandy Rose was recently asked about the potential of her returning to wrestling in the future. While she doesn’t rule out a future return, she admitted that she’s busy with many other projects for the time being.