Mandy Rose Draws Parallels Between Her Journey And Trish Stratus’

Mandy Rose

Is Mandy Rose the new Trish Stratus? Some say so.

Trish Stratus is a WWE legend, leaving her mark in the company and in the entire world of professional wrestling during the Attitude Era. Here in 2022, Stratus is still quite relevant in wrestling and other realms, and modern-day talent in the ring is even being compared to her, such as Mandy Rose.

Mandy Rose, who is currently the WWE NXT Women’s Champion, took part in an interview with Chris Van Vliet on his “INSIGHT” podcast, where she would discuss the similarities between herself and WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus.

“I’m so grateful. And I feel like, you know, everyone’s different. Sometimes it matter how much talent you have, obviously, we’ve seen that. And it’s just, it’s just some things just don’t work out, or some things just weren’t meant to be. So I am really grateful for that. But, you know, deep down, I knew that, you know, I always knew I had this, I always knew I could always get better at it, right? Like, everyone, you get better with time, but you need the opportunity, right?

So it’s like, can’t really show anything if you don’t have that opportunity. And if you’re just kind of known for being the blond bombshell, or the golden goddess and eye candy, or whatever it is, my whole vision of ever since I started in WWE was always even in the NXT back in the day was like, Yeah, I know, I look like this. And I know, it could be intimidating. Or also like, Oh, she’s just here for the fame and whatnot, all the, you know, stigmas that I’ve gotten.

Mandy Rose closed out by saying:

But I knew that like, my biggest thing was to prove myself in the ring. I knew it was like a Trish Stratus story, you know, like, why can’t you be hot and still, like, be able to wrestle, right? Like, it’s been done before? Like, why do I get such like heat? Or why do I get so much backlash for looking like this? But I knew in the back of my head that like, it takes time, respect, you know, you have to kind of gain your respect you have to put your time in. So I just knew over time, eventually it would turn.”