Mandy Rose Divulges Her Regular Cheat Meal

Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose opened up about her diet and what she likes to eat for a cheat meal!

NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose is in phenomenal physical shape, and she admits that good genetics play a part in her being able to stay in top tier condition to continue reigning atop WWE’s third brand.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, Mandy Rose commented on her physical fitness as compared to that of her fiancĂ© Tino Sabbatelli and also revealed that the couple’s diet isn’t what people would expect.

“Like he’s a genetic freak. I have good genetics for sure. But like, people think he eats like, you know, chicken and rice every day. And he does not eat chicken and rice. Like he’s a big snacker, loves his potato chips, and Cold Stone. We have Cold Stone once a week, which I just told someone the other day, and they’re like you two have Cold Stone every week? I said, Yes. Every week [on] Sundays.”

Continuing, Mandy Rose responded to the idea that people might not believe she eats pizza or other junk food.

“I know, actually people do probably think that but I mean, I used to be really really strict when I was competing, but since then and wrestling and it’s definitely more of a consistent, balanced diet. But I like to have my cheat days and I like to splurge and I snack and all that. So it’s you know, I mean, my workouts have changed a little bit I do a little bit more cardio, which might help obviously. But yeah, I grew up in a you know, Italian home with my dad who owns delis. So like we just grew up around really good food. I can’t stop now.”

When asked what she likes to eat as a cheat meal, Mandy Rose says she’s a huge fan of pasta, pizza, and ice cream.

“Oh, my go to is usually like a good, you know, good pasta or ravioli or pizza, and ice cream. I love ice cream.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Mandy Rose compared her wrestling journey to that of WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus.

h/t Insight with Chris Van Vliet