Major WWE Star Yet To Agree New Contract

WWE logo over Lawsuit paperwork

The future of one of WWE’s most prominent stars remains uncertain.

It was first reported around WrestleMania 39 that Drew McIntyre hadn’t signed a new WWE contract, leaving him with a year to run. This was followed by speculation that he was unhappy with money and was some distance from agreeing a new contract. Furthermore, it’s believed that McIntyre is open to at least taking a break when his current deal expires.

Following a hiatus, McIntyre returned to WWE at Money In The Bank, and after initially teaming with Matt Riddle, he climbed back into the main event picture, challenging for the World Championship.

In more recent times McIntyre has cemented his place at the top of the card, throwing jabs at CM Punk.

During the Royal Rumble match, McIntyre was involved in the incident where CM Punk suffered a legitimate triceps injury, ruling him out of WrestleMania. This was followed up on the January 29th episode of Raw, where the Scottish star confronted Punk and attacked him.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer expressed surprise that WWE has set up the angle between Punk and McIntyre as the latter is still yet to sign a new contract, and crucially his current deal runs out in April.

“Drew McIntyre is not under contract until through past April. And that’s that has not changed.

I was surprised that they don’t have McIntyre under contract for his [Punk]return. So it was great promo work. He could be staying, you know. I mean, there’s not, it’s not like it’s a given that he’s gone, just that he has not signed.”

Drew McIntyre Mocks CM Punk After WWE Raw

Since confronting CM Punk on Raw, Drew McIntyre has wasted little time in mocking the star on social media. The former World Champion has shared a number of memes taking aim at his rival while vowing to live out his WrestleMania dream.

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