Major New WWE Signing Delayed For One Good Reason

Triple H WWE

WWE is on the verge of bringing a big name into the company but the reason that any debut has been delayed has now come to light.

STARDOM founder Rossy Ogawa has been fired by the promotion’s current owners Bushiroad who had accused Rossy of poaching talent. AEW boss Tony Khan was thrilled by the news and it seems a potential relationship with WWE could have been part of the issues that led to Rossy’s departure.

WWE has been expected to complete the signing of Giulia – one of STARDOM’s biggest stars in recent years – but that seems to be on hold for now. Rossy Ogawa is expected to be launching a new promotion and it seems he could be joined by many of STARDOM’s competitors, including Giulia.

Giulia Delays WWE Debut

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained why Giulia joining WWE has been delayed and it all comes down to helping launch Rossy Ogawa’s new promotion:

When WWE was interested in [Giulia] she basically gave her word that she would help when [Rossy] started out. That’s what she’s gonna do, she’s postponing her WWE debut. So that’s pretty admirable if you say you’re gonna help someone and then you get the great offer for a lot more money and you say ‘well I’ll delay my departure.’

All of this might explain why AEW refused to make an offer to Giulia to join the company, something that caught many by surprise when that news came to light.

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