Major Update On William Regal’s AEW Future

William Regal

The future of William Regal in AEW appears to be clearer following his walking out on Jon Moxley on Dynamite after Moxley told him to “run and never come back.”

William Regal strode into AEW back at Revolution in early 2022 when he stopped Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley from beating each other up and bringing them together as the Blackpool Combat Club. Over the next several months, the group added Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli to its ranks but good things don’t last forever.

At Full Gear, William Regal accompanied Jon Moxley to the ring for his AEW World Title fight with MJF, but by the time the night was over both Moxley and Regal would be walking very different paths.

With the referee laid out late on in the bout and with them having missed MJF tapping out, Regal told Moxley to wake the official up. With his back turned, William Regal then slid his trusty brass knucks to MJF who struck Moxley with a knockout blow to become AEW World Champion for the very first time.

On the following Dynamite, William Regal told the Chicago crowd he’d leave any explaining to ‘Mr. Friedman’ before an angry Jon Moxley stormed to the ring. As he was surely about to attack Regal, he was stopped by Bryan Danielson who acknowledged Regal’s behaviour but begged Moxley not to beat him senseless. Instead, Moxley simply told Regal to run and never show his face in AEW again. Regal walked out of the arena and the rumour mill began to churn.

Many people began to wonder if this was indeed a real exit from William Regal from AEW with the speculation that he will one day return to WWE – now under the management of his close friend Triple H – increasing.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer may well have poured cold water over that idea when he took to social media to correct an earlier report and instead give a truer reflection on the length of contract Regal signed with AEW:

“A correction from last night’s show regarding Regal’s deal. Based on what he said when he signed, his deal signed last spring was for three years.”

It appears William Regal will be All Elite for a good while longer and many fans will be wondering if the ordinary, decent villain will be in attendance when MJF returns to Dynamite in Indianapolis.