Madusa Wants Iconic Faction In WWE Hall Of Fame

Madusa WWE Hall of Fame

Former WWE Women’s Champion Madusa has called for a legendary faction to be inducted en masse into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Madusa made her name in WCW before defecting to WWE in the early nineties to spearhead that company’s revived women’s division. Under the alias of Alundra Blayze, she captured the WWE Women’s Championship on three occasions. However, it is the last of those title reigns that proved to be the most historic as she never lost the title, instead showing back up in WCW on Nitro and throwing the belt in the trash.

During her first run in WCW, Madusa was a part of a stable that had its roots in the AWA, Paul E. Dangerously’s [Paul Heyman] Dangerous Alliance. The WCW version of the group is the most well-remembered of all its iterations with the likes of Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Rick Rude, Larry Zbyszko, and Steve Austin all members of the group.

The Dangerous Alliance ensured their place in wrestling history when the group did battle with Sting’s Squadron in a WarGames match at WrestleWar 1992. In the end, Sting was able to make Bobby Eaton submit with an armbar to claim victory for his team.

Speaking on the Going Broadway Podcast Madusa explained that she’d like to see the Alliance make their way into the WWE Hall of Fame:

“Why not? Why not? Paul will be in there no problem. But, Bobby Eaton, he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Hands down. [The rest of us are] all Hall of Famers already except Paul.”

Asked if the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2023 had likely already been decided, Madusa revealed she found out about her solo induction in 2015 very early on:

“I was already called for my Hall of Fame [class] by January 5th, I think.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.