Logan Paul’s House Invaded By WWE Star

Logan Paul WWE

Home invasions are nothing new in WWE but now Logan Paul has been a victim after LA Knight made himself very welcome in Paul’s abode.

On the May 31st edition of SmackDown, LA Knight let know Logan Paul know he had his sights set on the United States Title. Logan Paul responded to the challenger on social media, saying that he has his “whole life of ahead of him” and it doesn’t involve Knight.

After a back and forth on social media, the two men avoided each other on the 7th of June edition of SmackDown as Knight defeated Carmelo Hayes while Paul was absent from the show to take part in a Tetris championship.

But if Logan Paul won’t go to work, then LA Knight will go to him.

LA Knight Chills In Logan Paul’s Pool

Neither Knight or Paul were in Glasgow, Scotland for the 14th of June edition of SmackDown but they were featured on the show in a taped segment. The Maverick was seen returning home after discussing his experience in the Tetris championship and took his defeat in that “to a bunch of 14 year olds” in good grace.

However, as he returned home, one of Paul’s people informed the US Champion that his “boy from LA was here” but could provide no further information. Sure enough Paul soon found LA Knight enjoying a cocktail in his pool before Logan Paul shouted for security to get Knight off his property. LA Knight left willingly but noted that he’d see Paul on the next edition of SmackDown.